lunes, 21 de diciembre de 2009

Mural C.N.T. 100 años

Comenzamos las actividades y actos del centenario de C.N.T. (1910-2010) con un mural situado en la carretera N-332 a la altura de El Altet,en el muro del antiguo campo de futbol (junto aeropuerto).
Esto es tan solo el principio...........................

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  1. Hi Ali, sorry to write here and in English but I don't know your contact and my Spanish is weak. You mentioned a programme in January with an ex-teacher who got fed up with the education system. When is it exactly?
    (I am the teacher from the European School and I am now at home in Budapest)
    Regards, Andi

  2. Hi Andi! I'm sorry i didn't answer to you before. It was programmed on January 15th, but it was cancelled by him, because he was isolated by the snow, he lives in a little village in the mountain and 3 days after he had to travel to south america. We don't know when, but he will come. I think maybe in april or during the summer. Hope to see you soon.


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